short demo - video intervention - installation

COOP_02 MEDIA FESTIVAL, The National Museum of Contemporary Art/ Kalinderu MediaLab, Bucharest - Romania, 2002.
QUEEN OF EUROPE, curated by V. Urbani ,Tanya Kiang, Gallery of Photography, Dublino 2004
Arte al piano nobile, Comunicarte, Trieste - Italy 2005

video intervention 060 Production year: 2001.
Installation: n°1 monitors or videoproiectors, n°1 VTR, DVD or videotape autorepeat, different dimensions.
length: video loop 18'20''.
actors : Maria Scerri.
After "Bagni di Luce", "L'Attesa", "Attività Domestiche" and "Felicità" - in which an elderly women walks around the lavish halls of an ancient palace - now in "Brava! " the same protagonist thanks her audience. Television is a pretext to talk about individual stories because, like all mass-media, it uses and transforms people. Identification of identity. Television stories become an extension of life, substituting and integrating the everyday existence of the spectators.