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short demo - video intervention - installation

SHOK & SHOW ,curated by M.Campitelli, Teatro Miela , Trieste - Italy, 2002.

video intervention 059 Production year: 2001.
Installation: n° 1 videoprojector, n°1 DVD autorepeat, different dimensions.
with: Paolo Ravalico Scerri.voice: Marco Casazza.
My images, almost stills, are a concentrated notion of the idea of movement, gesture, thought; they do not relate to the common notion about television. The mass medium becomes a container of ideas that are expressed singularly. So the video becomes a drawing in movement and the video still becomes a drawing too.
The model in this video - the artist himself - appears to be the body of either a man, or a woman, or a sort of in-between being. The music and the slow motion technique take the action out from the realm of realism, allowing the observer to watch the transformations of an undefined sexual identity.