short demo - video intervention - installation

DIFFERENT/DIVERSE, curated by V. Urbani Nuova Icona c/o Teatro Fondamenta Nuove , Venezia - Italy, 2001.
VIDEO LAB - ARTISSIMA - LipanjePuntin, Torino - Italy, 2001.
VIDEOEX - Experimentalfilm & Video Festival , Zurich - Switzerland, 2002.
DIFFERENT/DIVERSE ,curated by V. Urbani , Nuova Icona c/o Grunt - artist run center, Vancouver - Canada, 2002.
QUEEN OF EUROPE, curated by V. Urbani ,Tanya Kiang, Gallery of Photography, Dublino 2004
PASO DOBLE, curated by B.franceschi ,MKC center, HULU Split, HR. 2008 -

video intervention 058 Production year: 2000.
Installation:n° 1 videoprojector, DVD , autorepeat, different dimensions.
with: Paolo Ravalico Scerri and a man.
My images, almost stills, are a concentrated notion of the idea of movement, gesture, thought; they do not relate to the common notion about television. The mass medium becomes a container of ideas that are expressed singularly. So the video becomes a drawing in movement and the video still becomes a drawing too.

Performance "When Paolo's work was shown, he did an impromptu performance where he walked into the audience while his tape was being shown, and went to each audience member and took their hands and had them stand up with their hands in a prayer format. His timing was perfect because by the time his tape was over he had all the audience standing. Elspeth Sage - Vancouver "

........"Different /Diverse" looks at identity as a sollitary journey, not a group affiliation...
the mood ranges from earnest ( ...) to absurd (....) to elegiac ( Paolo Ravalico Scerri 's Pietà, an encounter of tender frustration between a younger and older man who seem like two Academic studies of male beauty come to life). Marcia E. Vetrocq Biennale Babylon, Art in America 2001