short demo - video intervention - installation - performances

ERCEK OLAMIYACAK KADAR GUZEL, curated by Beral Madra, Vittorio Urbani, Nuova Icona c/oBorusan Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul - Turkey, 2000.

video intervention 057 Production year: 2000.
Installation: n° 1 videoprojector , different dimensions.
with: Simone Giorgetti.
A human figure throwing coins in the air. Is it just waste, fun, contempt for money? Richness is an unavoidable value for the western man, who desires it and hopes he can find serenity and happiness in it. But perhaps the only way to enjoy gold is making fun of it, not keeping it into account, because only thus will man possess the real wealth, that is to be a man free to choose, free from any conditioning, far away from prejudice and perfectly upright in his non-dependence.