Sognavo di essere un cigno bianco
I dreamed to be a white swan


short demo - video intervention - installation -

EXTENDED TRANSFORMATION, curated by M.Campitelli, GalleriaTergesteo, Sala Comunale d’Arte, Trieste - Italy 2000
EXTENDED TRANSFORMATION, Umjetnicka Galerija, Sarajevo - Bosnia and Hercegovina, 2001
THE CONDOMINIUM - Hicetnunc - San Vito al Tagliamento - Italy, 2001
DETROIT VIDEO FESTIVAL - Museum of New Art - MONA - Rochester - USA 2002

video intervention 056 Production year: 2000.
Installation: n° 1 videoprojector, different dimensions.
with: Paolo Ravalico Scerri. voice: Maurizio Rapotec.
The model in this video - the artist himself - appears to be the body of either a man, or a woman, or a sort of in-between being. The music and the slow motion technique take the action out from the realm of realism, allowing the observer to watch the transformations of an undefined sexual identity.