Relazione d’affari ( Business relationship)


short demo - video intervention - installation

ZONE D’ARTE, curated by AAVV, Alpen -Adria Galerie, Klagenfut - Austria 2000
JULIET TWENTY YEARS, curated by Roberto Vidali, Gran Galà -Bagno Ausonia, Trieste - Italy 2001
EROTICA, b&d studio contemporanea, Milano - Italy, 2002.
VIDEO-POOL curated by Beral Madra, artistanbul 2002 , BM Art Center, Istanbul - Turkey 2002


short demo - video intervention - installation -

Gallery of Photography, curated by Vittorio Urbani , Tanja Kiang, Dublin. 2004


short demo - video intervention - installation -

MITTELFEST 2002 , SUPERDOWNLOAD, Cividale del Friuli , Udine - Italy, 2002.

video intervention 055 Production year: 2000.
Installation: n° 1 videoprojector, n°1 dvd autorepeat, different dimensions.
with: Maria Scerri and Paolo Ravalico Scerri.
This is a series of new works on business and artist marketing. It is one videoinstallation with videoprojector where I am naked with a an elderly lady who is signing a cheque for me at the end of a hypothetical affair.
performance: In the surprise performance, beside the video projection, I am moving among the spectators who react differently. By looking people in their eyes I am forcing them towards an involved participation away from a voyeuristic attitude.