Io ti ucciderò (I will kill you)


short demo - video intervention - installation -performances

Different/Diverse, curated by V. Urbani T. Smith , Grunt - artist run center, Vancouver - Canada 2002
Human Remains/Restes Humains, curated by Bill Hufmann , Art Gallery of Sudbury, Sudbury - Canada 2001
Head Frame, curated by Bill Hufmann, Campo S.Marina, Venezia - Italy 2001
Ifduif Video Festival, Chiasso - Switzerland 2000

video intervention 054 Production year: 1999/2000.
installation: n° 1 videoprojector, n°1 dvd autorepeat, different dimensions
with: Paolo Ravalico Scerri
By this video installation I want to speak about the violence that every man lives daily, the violence towards himself. All this is put into evidence by the slow moving image.
In this video installation you can see a man ( myself coming up from the border of the screen) he picks up a knife, points it to the spectators and then violently throws it away. After this he undresses and falls down.Victim of himself