Definizione d'identità (Definition of identity) 1 screen film



ART. 2. ... La Repubblica riconosce e garantisce i diritti inviolabili dell'uomo, sia come singolo sia nelle formazioni sociali ove si svolge la sua personalità.....

ART. 3. ... senza distinzione di sesso, di razza, di lingua, di religione, di opinioni politiche, di condizioni personali e sociali.

short demo - video intervention - installation - surprise performances

RAZSIRJENA PREOBRAZBA , curated by M.Campitelli Mestna Galerija, Ljubliana - Slovenia, 2001.
PNUDGOTS, curated by Giuliana Carbi AAVV, Trieste Conteporanea, Studio Tommaseo, Trieste - Italy, 2000.
DEFINIZIONE D’IDENTITA’, curayed by Jonathan Turne, Il Ponte Project, Roma - Italy, 1999.
Autori Tratti Italiani, curated by A.Fonda, A. Arevalo, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venezia - Italy,1999

video intervention 051 Production year: 1998/1999.
Installation: n° 1 screen, different dimensions. With: Paolo Ravalico Scerri.
What is the each identtity? Extracts from the italian Costitution appear....

P erformance Production year: 1999 with: Paolo Ravalico Scerri.
during the videoprojection the artist is moving among the public sweeping and making long eye contact with people and he repeating live the action that is endlessly showed in the video.

"...Paolo Ravalico Scerri creates photographs installations videos and performances in which the lone human figure is both the protagonist and the spiritual core. Incorporating classical references in scenes constructed with technological expertise and confidence, Ravalic scerri looks at the role of the individual in the contemporary world characterised by romance, bureaucracy, contemplation and prejudice. In his latest work , Definition: Identity, the artist targets the idea of identity and equality , specifically as described by the Costitution of the Italian Rapublic. In a series of video still and projections, the artist present himself in a sequence of self- portrait, nude bar cxcept for a series of changing hats. Using the simplistic prop of a gardener's hat, sleeping cap and trilby to change his personality, Ravalico Scerri cereates diverse of characters to question our concept of normaly, ordinary behaviour and the legal recognition of the unconventional individual in society. The work of Paolo Ravalico Scerri has been seen in important solo and group shows in a galleries and museum throughout Italy and in Paris, Munich, Sydney and Slovenia.
Jonathan Turner Definition: Identity- il ponte projects Roma 1999