Ti ricordi un tempo...
(Do you remember a time...)


short demo - video intervention - surprise performances

World Wide Wideo Festival, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam , Neatherland, 1999

video intervention 048 Production year: 1998.
Installation:n° 2 videoprojectors, n° or 2 dvd autoreleat , different dimensions.
with: Maria Petronio e Rina Petronio.
In the installation two elderly ladies are kissing and caressing each other.

Beside the video I move among the spectators who react differently to my obsessive “eye play” in search for people’s reactions. My eyes and my body become a link; it is an invitation to communicate and to carefully observe reality. I proposed the installation "Ti ricordi un tempo" at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam during the World Wide Wideo Festival where in the surprise performance I kissed the unaware visitors.