Felicità (Happiness)


short demo - video intervention - installation

FELICITA’, Punto Video, Arte & Tecnologia, Civico Museo Revoltella, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Trieste - Italy, 1998.
LA COSCIENZA LUCCICANTE, curated by M.G.Tolomeo P.S. Zanetti L .Michelli, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma - Italy, 1998.

video intervention 045 Production year: 1998.
Installation: n°6 monitors / video proiectors , n°6 DVD , different dimensions.
with: Maria Scerri.
After "Bagni di Luce", "L'Attesa", various "Attività Domestiche", the elderly character is now wandering around the lavish halls of an ancient palace, now an art museum.
The time of perception of my interventions/installations becomes also personal, it belongs to the viewer. The television is a pretext to talk about people because it is the media which uses and transforms people. Identification of identity.
Television stories become an extension of life, substituting and integrating the everyday life of the spectators.