Area di confine (Border zone)


short demo - video intervention - installation

ACHTUNG AUF DEN ZUG, curated by M.Campitelli, Museo Ferroviario - Stazione di Campo Marzio, Trieste - Italy.
Tele antenna Trieste - Italy / Tele Capodistria - Slovenia.1995

video intervention 022 Production year: 1995.
Video intervention / Television broadcast.
Installation: TV monitors, VTR, luggage, plastified lasercopies
The intervention is articulated in two phases: a video installation in the old railroad station of Campo Marzio and an international television broadcasting of the same images visible at the station monitor (by Teleantenna in Italy and Tele Capodistria in Slovenia). The television stations, inserting the images visible at the museum in their original programs, diffuse the installation message; the museum installation is thus translated and expanded, becoming a circular work of art that involves the surrounding territory. The railroad station-the old economic, political and cultural link-is now symbolically substituted by the media capillary penetration. The cultural and social link is created by the wide diffusion of the same message (at different times) which extends over the whole border zone.