Bagni di luce (Light baths)


short demo - video intervention installation

ARTRITI, curated by E.L. Francalanci, Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea, Parco del Montirone, Abano Terme, Padova,Italy,1994
UNA MOSTRA CORTA UN GIORNO, Nadia Bassanese Studio d'Arte, Trieste, Italy.1996
VIDEOPANORAMICA, la spezia, 1995
FINE WEATHER, curated by G.Carbi L.Michelli, Ludwig Museum, Budapest, Hungary 1999


video intervention 013 Production year: 1994.
Installation: a series of monitors, a series of VTRs, videotapes, white tile, white towels, different dimensions.
An elderly lady is rubbing and massaging herself with oil. The monitors images, light and rarefied, are reflected onto the tiles, casting a light blue glow in the room.