Circolarità (Circularity), video intervention n° 2


short demo - video intervention installation and performances

PROVOC'ARTE, Progetto Arte Giovane, IV edizione, Ex Convento di Santa Chiara, San Marino, 1991 Tele San Marino

video intervention 002 production year 1991
television broadcast; installation: television monitors
I have started working on the concept of circularity of the television media, a dynamics I was symbolizing within video monitors or video projections with circular images realized with liquid painting (video painting) creating installation-performances.
The images were on view within the Ex Convent of S. Chiara and simultaneously broadcasted by Tele San Marino all over the state; in this way the images of circularity reached most of the television sets of the nation of San Marino. The former church became the center of transmission and diffusion of images, positioning the University of San Marino at the hypothetical center of the national territory.